50% savings on costs

We offer the food business a unique solution, a network based PIM system, that both ensures correct food and logistic data in every system and a user-friendly and time-saving one-touch point that keeps your customers updated in real time,  integrates 2-ways with GS1 Trade Sync Denmark, as well as your internal ERP / CRM system through an API . It gives our customers in average 50% cost savings.

Sales and procurement

With 1300+ users, Fooducer, Scandinavia’s largest B2B food platform, makes it easier to market your products to the food industry. Or why not find the next big trendy food product to sell to your market? Here you will get in touch with all stakeholders, from small scale manufacturer, grocery stores, wholesalers or retailers. Here you can also show who already sells your products.


Everything for your sale

Provide salespeople and customers with better product sheets, with all the necessary data and sales information needed. At the same time, get sales material automatically translated into four main languages. When you take over product information from your suppliers, you will also automatically receive the supplier’s sales texts on your product pages, web shop etc.


1300+ companies have chosen Fooducer

How to operate your everyday business easier - and save costs!

The network for food! Stay connected, share you're data and manage all your foodproducts in just one system. Be compliant - always!


Do not miss export or import opportunities. Fooducer automatically translates your product texts into four languages. It enables you to easily share of food data with agents an costumers all over the world.


Your products are marketed most professionally. With one click, you can download, share or send product sheets in four languages.


Never again long mails with complicated product information! Fooducer enables easy share of your data inside or outside of Fooducer.


Are you looking for new products or raw materials? Choose among a number of search filters. If you don't see what you need send a direct request to hundreds of suppliers.


Update customers automatically about product changes and news using notifications. Send also instant messages and communicate easily with vendors - one by one or in groups.

Poul Larsen, HKI Ost

"We save 56% on data creation and updates. Fooducer is more user-friendly than other PIM systems."

Jan Elmelund, Økoladen

"Here's a reasonably easy way to create products and then activate them on GS1. We can use the registrations we make on Fooducer as a kind of internal directory where we gather in one place and only one place all information about a given product It is a great administrative relief ".

Peter Mårtensen, Möllan's ost

"Something that usually takes a lot of time is to produce a product sheet of article information and get it to the customers. With Fooducer we save time and money. "

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Save time, work smart and grow your business! - It's free to be on Fooducer, but if you want access to all the premium features, you can test free for 14 days.

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Save time, work smart and grow your business!
It's free to be on Fooducer, but if you want access to all the premium features, you can test freely for 14 days.

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