Af Casper Kraken |

Getting prepared for the digital future

FødevareDanmark and Fooducer form a new cooperation agreement where digitalization is the key point.

The last few months have been long indeed! The coronavirus has challenged and tested us all in different ways we have not prior experienced and more have found new ways to market themselves.

At Fooducer, the members of FødevareDanmark get digital tools at their disposal, enabling them to quickly and easily aquire the data they need. Swiftly, potential buyers and producers can be found online.

We are enabling our members to communicate with their target audiences easily by making an online showcase, which in return saves time and reduces cost.

The network will also be an extended showcase opportunity for the members

We know that being part of a trade association is of great significance for everyone’s comfort, and this is why we are happy that the co-operation between Fooducer and FødevareDanmark enables users to become a part of a private digital network – a network where sparring, knowledge-sharing and debate are all possible. This network is to ensure that its members are able to trade internally across industries.

At FødevareDanmark we are happy to be opening the door for more producers seeking know-how re. graphical and digital marketing on social media, mandatory self-regulation, legal issues and food safety.

At Fooducer we are looking forward to cooperating with FødevareDanmark; an effort focusing assisting companies in the food industry into a more digital future.

We wish to ensure sustainable competitive advantages by digitalizing operating procedures, thus making the origin of products more transparent and same time ensuring that regulatory requirements are met.

As a food business operator, you receive three major advantages by using Fooducer:

As trade fairs are a no go at this moment, we aim to help you and the food industry in general through the crisis by all means possible. We aim to do this by facilitating a digital matchmaking portal for members of FødevareDanmark – you only have to fill in your information and say yes to get matched. You are able to choose between meeting a buyer or a seller and also fill in your product category of choice. As a member of FødevareDanmark this is absolutely free.

We hope this to be a good starting launch of our partnership with FødevareDanmark, as well as a place that can facilitate meetings and unity across the food industry.
Our present times have shown us the importance of digitized operating procedures in order to remain competitive, visible and adaptable – this is what Fooducer does best and what we sincerely wish to help you!