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Mandatory demands for food webshops in DK

Does your webshop comply with the Danish regulatory guidelines for e-commerce?

The requirements are that:

  • Customers must have access to the same product data as to goods purchased in a physical store.
  • The owner – you – are responsible for making statutory food data available.

Take a shortcut with Fooducer.com – and get control of your statutory food master data once and for all!

At Fooducer you can easily access all required data, re-use your product sheets as a link to your web shop – and save up to 60% of the time spend (or should be spend) controlling your statutory data.


Fooducer.com is tailor made for the food industry. You will have access to a toolbox suitable for you who deals with food. As a member of Fooducer.com you do not need any other systems. Until you are familiar with our toolbox our support team will be ready to guide you when you need it.

In control!

With Fooducer.com you no longer have to worry about controlling your product master data.

Having control on your product master data we recommend that you take the opportunity to explore Fooducer.com – the largest digital food fair in Scandinavia – to find new connections and inspiration and locate products meeting global standards.

Want to know more about how Fooducer can make your everyday life easier?

Then join a guided tour with Fooducers team. We will show you our toolbox and present other simple tools that can make your everyday life easier.


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