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Food Network subsite product sheet update

We have updated the functionality of the food network subsites, so that when visitors click a product they get product information either in a product sheet in pdf format or if they are logged into Fooducer they get directed to the product page. 

Notification on interactions with your company or products

We have added a new feature set that enables you as a user to get notified when other users are looking at your product or company page. As default you get both notified in-app through the notifications panel and a reminder email about the interaction, so that you can act on any interest. 

Remove bottom panel “Also sold by” on single product page

We have removed the panel at the bottom of the product page where related products are being offered from other companies that were before shown to the user.

Selecting default nutrition

Nutritional choices now reflects the chosen default value when creating products (gr/ml)

When updating or creating products

You will now be able to see the update/create/save button during product editing or creation, that way you know when it is in the process of saving and see when it is correctly saved to the database.

Warned when trying to create a product and not being admin

When trying to create products and not being company administrator, you will now get a pop-up warning telling you need admin rights, which is needed to be able to create products and is presented with an easy way to request admin access from your company administrator.

And we corrected a lot of small bugs and usability issues… Enjoy!

Do let us know what you think, any feedback or suggestions are always welcome.
Shoot us and email at info@fooducer.com