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Additionally, you need an EORI that starts with XI to move goods between Northern Ireland and non-EU countries, make a declaration in Northern Ireland or get a customs decision in Northern Ireland. Because of this, some businesses might need multiple EORI numbers.

What is an EORI number?

Basically, an EORI number is used to identify the businesses that want to import or export any physical goods to or from GB. And since January the 1st  2021, the official beginning of Brexit, this includes the EU countries. Before, when Great Britain was a part of the EU, they were also a part of the free trade area, which meant free movement of any goods without further additions. Whereas EORI numbers are only needed when trading with non-EU countries, which now also includes Great Britain.  

An EORI number now required, is a number that begins with a two letter number code followed by a 12 digit number. The two first letters represent the country that issued the number. To exemplify, this is what a EORI number would look like – GB125687230933. As for a Danish company a EORI number would  look like this – DK774562889067. 

Who will it affect and how will it affect you?

All businesses in Great Britain  who import or export goods with any EU country, or move goods to or from Northern Ireland will need an EORI number. This also applies for all companies within EU trading with GB – who now will need to apply for an EORI number to continue shipping goods. A few might already have one, but you want to make sure the number starts with your country’s two representative letters , if not, you need a new one.   

If your business imports or exports services, and doesn’t move physical goods across borders, it won’t need an EORI number. Therefore, the requirement only applies to moving physical goods across EU/UK borders, or between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK.The size of the company undertaking the trade doesn’t matter, no matter how big or small, all companies will need one. If there, during an import or export trade isn’t provided an EORI number, the goods will be withheld for customs clearances and may be associated storage fees.  

Step by step example

So, to make sure you get the full picture, here is an example. A UK based supplier company, who ships goods worldwide, has an quarterly trade agreement with a danish company. The Uk based company therefore exports goods and the danish import goods. In both cases, each individual company within the trading deal needs to have an EORI number for a successful delivery. So not only the UK based company, but also the danish company who wants to receive the products. If not, the goods will be withheld. So, if you haven’t applied for an EORI number, and you haven’t received your products from your suppliers or partners from Great Britain this year, this could be the reason. So everyone involved in the trade needs an EORI number. 

Registration and request is done with your local customs authority

Overview of links to relevant authorities by countries:

Danish based companies can register here:


UK based companies can register here:

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