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Source your products

No matter what kind of buyer you are - Retail buyer, Foodservice, Specialty store, Restaurant or canteen, then you are in the right place. Save time and get an instant overview on available products on the market.

All products in one place

It's like LinkedIn for food. Find what you are looking for or be inspired by new things, get necessary info about the product and it's supplier. Local, foreign, organic - you can filter on more than 20 parameters.

Requests made simple

Need more information? Requesting it from the producer is just one simple click away. We also have a global request feature if you can't find what you're looking for.

Detailed product information

Producers near and far? What products are they dealing? What's new, in season or in stock?. Even better a product is always showcased with the info you need: labels, certifications, packing and much more.

Find new products

Just as you can stay updated on your current distributors and producers, why don't you go look for new exiting things that could be a part of your business?

Meet regulations

We help you meet regulations when filling out your product sheets - and when you've filled out the data we automatically generate your product sheets for you.

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