Hand picked green food suppliers from across Europe.

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House of Original Chia

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Danish Quinoa Group

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Food Variety Network

FOOD VARIETY NETWORK is a group of 5 European SMEs joint together with common goals for internationalization of their activities in the FOOD sector

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Made with LUVE

“Creamy milk foam, delicious chocolate dessert, fresh yoghurt and vanilla ice cream that melts delicately - isn't that possible without milk?” We asked ourselves

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The Les Oliviers

A true ambassador for traditional Portuguese flavors, specializing in olive oils, wines and liqueurs.

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Bute Island Foods

With 30 years of experience we’re one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of dairy, lactose and gluten free vegan cheese products

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Blonk Quality Ingredients

Originally from Ethiopia, Teff is the smallest sized cereal in the world and is often referred to as an Ancient Grain. The partnership offers several grades of conventional teff and is also the largest producer of organic teff.

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Hempoint was founded in 2010 as a vertically integrated 'farm to table' hemp food producer. Our mission is to bring the good-ness of hemp to the masses. We produce food, we are farmers, international hemp consultants, policy advisers and educators.

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Sgaia Foods is at the heart of a new, innovative approach to plant based living and dining. From hearty steaks to streaky bacon, to the finest meat free charcuterie, we strive to honour and authentically preserve food culture in view of a vegan future.

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