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Purchaser in retail? Foodstuff? A special vendor? Restaurant or kitchen? Then you have come to the right place. Save time and get an overview of locally grown and produced food available! We have made it easy for you as buyer. Get started with your free, digital shopping assistant – Fooducer!

Find more than 12.000 products

We collect products from near and far, big and small. Find a classic, or a newcomer on the market. Use the functions and filters of our search page.

All information in one place

Gain direct access to mandatory product & logistics data required in order to trade. Same time, receive background stories about the making of the products and photos which be re-used in marketing efforts and campaigns.

Request immediately

When finding something of interest you can immediately request more information or get in contact with the specific producer or supplier directly. Or, you can simply make requests through Fooducer request system to all potential suppliers.

Reduce administration with just one system

Fooducer offers you a unique solution which makes sure that you get the required master data right in all systems. A user-friendly and time saving one touch point two-way integrates you with GS1 Trade Sync, also you get an API for your ERP system and your web shop.

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