Save time on admin tasks, spend more on creating value

Stay connected, share, receive and manage your suppliers and product information in one user friendly system! Be compliant! Always.

Reduce administration with just one system

Fooducer offers you a unique solution which makes sure that you get the required master data right in all systems. A user-friendly and time saving one touch point, two-way integration with GS1 Trade Sync. We can help you get setup with an API endpoint for your ERP system or your web shop.

Improve the quality of your information

You can choose to create your goods manually or hand over the data responsibility to your suppliers. Either way, this saves resources and ensures better quality in your product information. At the same time, you are also able to pass your data on to your partners ensuring the quality of the information.

Communicate with ease

Automatically update your customers regarding product changes and news by using notifications and chat messages, either in groups or one-to-one.

Other wholesale members had this to say about Fooducer

Peter Mårtensen, Möllans Ost 

“Something which takes a long time, is the work put in to creating product sheets with the correct product information AND get it to the customers. With Fooducer, I save both time and money.”

Poul Larsen, HKI

"Fooducer is a platform with a huge potential. Here you can share your stories about the products and be compliant with statutory demand all at once. We save a lot of admin time.”

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